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Acronis Disk Director 11 Home is an all-new version of the easiest-to-use and most feature-rich disk management product available. If you are serious about maximizing disk use and performance, it’s never been easier to create hard disk partitions or resize, move or merge partitions without data loss. Acronis Disk Director 11 Home includes powerful new All OSes.

All licences. Software Free Download Soft You can skip this in seconds Click here to continue. Download Now! Acronis Disk Director Home Direct link. Last update 16 Jun. Users rating: 3 ratings Editor’s rating: Read the editor’s review.

Do you want to try another operating system, or you just want to re-size a disk partition? Normally, you can’t change your drives partitions without reformatting your hard disk and in the process, losing all your data. In this case a disk management software becomes very handy – Acronis Disk Director 11 Home. Whatever it is that you want: re-size, merge, split, convert, check or defrag a partition, this software definitely knows how to handle a hard disk and he does it fast enough and without changing a thing in your files or folders which are already stored on your disk’s.

Acronis Disk Director includes, beside the partition manager, another two utilities that are very useful. A boot manager – that allows you to install multiple operating systems on your computer and a partition recovery tool – that allows you to recover accidentally lost or deleted partitions. Acronis Disk Director has a clean and fresh interface.

After you start the software, in the right side of the program window you’ll see your hard drives and partitions with details according to them. In the left you’ll see the option and tools available for the selected hard drive or partition. In case you just purchased a new hard drive and you want to move everything on it from the old hard drive, it’s very easy with Acronis Disk Director’s feature — Disk Cloning.

With it, you won’t have to spend hours installing the operating system, drivers and applications, you’ll be actually back in action using the new disk in a couple of minutes. Beside the tools for organizing and reorganizing a hard drive structure, the software lets you maintain your hard disk drives with the build-in disk checker and defragmenter. Read more. Full Windows 7 Support. Dynamic Disk support. GPT disk support. Add or break mirrored volumes. Convert basic disks to Dynamic Disks and vice versa.

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Acronis disk director 11 home update free


See this comparison table. Compare different product editions here. If you already have a license of Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office Essentials subscription and want to upgrade to edition with more features, or purchase licenses for additional machines, follow this article. How to add more computers?

To upgrade from any number of seats to 3 or 5 seats, use method 1, described below. To upgrade from 1 to 2 seats, and from any number of seats to 4 seats, use method 2. You will see the available upgrade options for your current license. The new multi-seat license will supersede replace your current license. Method 2: Buy an additional license at Acronis website. How to add more Cloud storage?

Click here to learn more about expanding Acronis Cloud storage quota. Is Acronis Cloud storage quota shared between computers under a single Acronis account? Yes, both the quota and the storage itself are shared. Backups and archives are visible to users on all the computers, signed into the same Acronis account see “Account” tab in the product.

When using a multi-seat license, set a password for your backups to prevent users on other computers under the same Acronis account from accessing the contents of your backups.

They will still be able to see the names and overall size of your backups. Password can be set only before the first backup version is created. If you’d like to enable password protection for already existing backup, delete it and then re-create from scratch, setting the password during the initial configuration. I receive “Too many activations” or “You’ve exceeded the maximum number of activations” error.

The error does NOT mean that the license is expired, unusable anymore or blocked. This error only tells that a change in hardware has been detected or the limit of computers where Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office may be used at the same time has been reached.

The issue is easily resolved by following instructions in this article. I receive “The serial number is registered in another account” error. The serial number has been accepted, but I see the error “Activation required! Remaining days Follow this article to resolve the issue. How do I set up my first backup? Backup destination is filled up with backups. Backup will stop working if there will be not enough free disk space in the destination.

If you see that the location, where backups are stored, is filled up with Acronis backup files, do the following:. For instructions on freeing up space in Acronis Cloud, click here. Backup fails with an error message. What do I do? How can I exclude a file or folder from a backup?

This article describes how to exclude a file or folder from a backup. I have a backup. How can I restore? Can I restore just one file from it?

Yes, you can restore individual files from a backup and do not need to restore the whole backup in this case. Follow this step-by-step guide. I have a backup in Cloud. How can I restore from it? If the computer does not boot and you would like to restore it using a backup in Acronis Cloud, follow instructions here. I have got a new computer. How can I restore my system on it?

How can I clone my desktop PC disk? I do not see the clone disk after apparently successful cloning? When the disk cloning is performed in running Windows without reboot, disk volumes on the clone are not assigned drive letters, which makes them invisible in Windows Explorer. It is done with the thought in mind, that you disconnect the clone after it is created, and only connect it as a replacement for the original disk.

The reason why having two identical disks connected at the same time is not recommended, is because Windows would automatically change the disk signature of one of them to distinguish between them, which may make it unbootable. If you still need to have both the original and the clone disks connected at the same time, open Start menu, type diskmgmt. This will make the disk visible in Windows Explorer. How can I clone my Mac? To clone all or selected disks, follow instructions in the User Guide.

Note that cloning just selected disk partitions or disk volumes is not supported. Only an entire disk with all the partitions and volumes can be cloned. Is it possible to clone just Boot Camp, without the rest of the disk partitions on my Mac? Boot Camp can be cloned only along with all other partitions of the same disk.

If you already have a bootable media, then no, Acronis Survival Kit is not necessary. Acronis Survival Kit is the same bootable media and a storage for backups, combined onto the same USB disk device. If you do not have a bootable media, then the answer is yes, click “Create Acronis Survival Kit” to have the bootable media and backups on a single USB disk.

Mac version does not have Acronis Universal Restore. How can I unsubscribe from marketing emails? How can I change the email my Acronis account is tied to? Skip to main content. Last update: Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office is offered in 1, 3 and 5 seats packs.

If you see that the location, where backups are stored, is filled up with Acronis backup files, do the following: Click a small arrow next to the backup in the product interface and choose “Clean up versions” from the backup menu. Delete backup versions to make room for future backups. Do not delete backups outside of Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office user interface, otherwise the rest of the backups could become not recoverable!

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– Acronis disk director 11 home update free


When you contact Acronis Customer Central, the support professionals will usually need information about your system in order to resolve your problem and will ask you to collect a system report from your computer. Send the report via email or upload it to the FTP server using the link provided by Support.

Please make sure to collect the system report after you have gathered all the other requested information Process Monitor Log, PCAP log, etc. This way system report will contain logs related to the issue. In case if the program’s main window does not open for any reason, launch the System /71916.txt generation tool from the Windows Start menu: Acronis – Acronis System Report. On the sidebar, click Help : Click Generate system report : Как сообщается здесь until system report is collected.

It may take up to minutes. Once it is collected, you can save the system report to a acronis disk director 11 home update free of your choice. Click /98411.txt and select узнать больше здесь folder: In case if the program’s main window does not open for any reason, launch the System Report generation tool from acronis disk director 11 home update free Windows Приведу ссылку menu: Acronis – Acronis System Report.

In case Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office is not installed or generating system report fails for some reason, collect system information using AcronisInfo utility. To create a system report on macOS To display the boot menu: start or restart your Mac. Press and hold the Option key while the Mac is starting. Please wait while the report is collected:. Skip to main content. Last update: In По ссылке bootable media acronis disk director 11 home update free a Mac To collect system information on an Intel-based Mac, follow the steps below: Plug in the bootable media to your Mac.

Choose Acronis Bootable Media as a device to boot from. Run Terminal from the Utilities menu: Type a command for collecting system report and run it. Was this article helpful?